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Introducing the Wellspring

A robust analogue stereo spring reverb unit with many useful controls that sounds authentically vintage and yet modern at the same time. Effects ranging from super-subtle heavenly reverb to full-blown demonic screaming can easily be achieved with a quick twist of the dials.

"What we do in life echoes in eternity"


Sam Slater, the Score Producer for the Acadamy Award winning ‘Joker’ soundtrack is a big fan of the Wellspring, using it often on his commercial projects. He was an early investor in the Wellspring and it’s a huge honour to have his endorsement. He had this to say…

"I just finished another mix today using the Wellspring and it's so lovely 🙂
Works great for straight up mix work as well as more creative things! Love it!"
Sam Slater
Score Producer for the Acadamy Award Winning 'Joker' soundtrack



It's a stereo spring reverb with lots of cool complimentary features


      • A stereo pair of delay lines with nice added extras

      • 2 types of Stereo pitch and filter modulation up to audio oscillator speeds

      • External LFO Sync-ing

      • Many stereo switching possibilities

      • 4 different sweep-able stereo analogue filters

      • 2 full-sized spring reverb tanks

      • A magical ping-pong feedback loop around the whole thing

      • A high impedance guitar input as well as stereo line inputs and outputs

      • Can be Rack or Table-mounted with attachable ‘ears’ or rubber feet.



With four springs in total, two per channel, the two full-sized spring reverb tanks provide an authentic, gloriously wide and rich stereo reverb sound.



Feeding into the reverb tanks are a stereo pair of delays. With feedback controls plus separate or sync-able delay times, they blend beautifully with the reverb (plus the magic*) to allow the user to create reeaally long reverb tails.



Reeaally long reverb tails can start to ‘ring’ however. That’s why we added stereo filters plus modulation controls. These work to ‘scatter’ the feedback tails, allowing lovely long, smooth, natural and authentic sounding analogue stereo reverb sounds of great depth and complexity that need to be heard to be believed!

You Know

It's also possible to get incredibly creative with these controls,
many "extreme scenarios" can be conjured in no time at all

The controls offer endless sound sculpting capability,
it actually veers into synth territory in many ways.

*MAGIC Feedback Loop

An extra bit of magic comes from a feedback loop around the whole system that makes it sing (or scream) even more. When you turn this up wonderful, unexpected things start to happen.

It controls how much of the spring sound is sent back to the delays. The channels are crossed over so the right spring is fed to the left delay and vice-versa. This allows for the creation of practically infinite tails.

WARNING You need to be careful with this control, it can get really crazy! Perhaps Humanity wasn’t meant to tamper with such forces…

Cool, but what does it sound like?

Here’s a few Dry/Wet snippets of various guitar and synth parts fed through the Wellspring. 
All parts are DI’d straight into the Wellspring then into a soundcard, no other amps or effects were used.

0:00 / 0:00
Arpy Electric Guitar
0:00 / 0:00
Chorus of Large Chords
0:00 / 0:00
Pseudo Pitch Shifting
0:00 / 0:00
Chromatic Tunnel Guitar
0:00 / 0:00
Short Plucks 2000
0:00 / 0:00
Dry to Chorus 2000
0:00 / 0:00
Low bassy synth - 2000
0:00 / 0:00
No Input Self Generated
Some BV’s by Jess from a project in Frank’s studio ran through the Wellspring
An atmospheric experience down the low end with a DI’d bass

More demos of various different instruments through the Wellspring are being added to our YouTube channel all the time. Check it!

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It seems quite expensive!

Look at the quality

Well yes it is but....

The Wellspring is a ’boutique’ product, conceived and created by just two people from start to finish. There was outsourcing of course for many things but no big team or any wealthy backers. We’re a new company and this is our very first product. It’s a solid machine built with love and designed to last for decades.

We haven’t scrimped on components or materials either. Where we could safely cut costs we did, but where it mattered we made sure we used quality parts and processes. It’s always going to be there for you! Plus honestly it sounds amazing and is totally worth it.

Wellspring - (wĕl’sprĭng) n.
1, the source of a stream, spring, etc. fountainhead.
2, a source of abundant and continual supply.

The Dictionary!

The Operation Manual

View and download the full Wellspring Manual here…